i watch way too much food network

Reason #1: I have a hardcore lesbian crush on Anne Burrell.

Reason #2:

Reason #3: I can no longer stand slack-jawed ‘dudes’ chowing down on their newest favorite grease fest, & then proclaiming it “Awesome!”
“Mega flavor!”
“Porkliciousness!”…….wait, wtf???

Perhaps i can deal with the dudeness & even turn a (temporary) blind eye to the troubling, limited vocabulary.  But maybe, instead of seeing how many chicken wings they can scarf, or taking on the country’s biggest burger, steak, ice cream sundae, etc, they visit a place that isn’t going to add 5 pounds of lard & make you feel like shit for the rest of the day.  Would it kill them to visit a sushi restaurant?  Seafood? Chinese? Thai? Maybe even check out tasty mainstream cuisine in other countries?  They could even stick to the ones we Americans know best, like Canada, England, Italy and France.  The point is – I don’t want to see another fat guy take a bite of a huge sandwich & then exclaim that it tastes “good.”  Really?  I’m sure that review has really nothing to do with your first bite and everything to do with the chef anxiously waiting less than a foot away.

my kind advice for those guys?  get a dictionary, expand your menu, & stop being a lardass.



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