Spring Salad

 It’s the first day of Spring! Unfortunately it didn’t look like this at all today, but that didn’t stop me from celebrating. I had an overload of leftover produce and what better than to throw it all into a salad! 

This whole weekend has been yucky, cold & gray. I had plans that ended up getting rained out, so today was spent lazying around, watching movies on Netflix and eating fast food. If you have Netflix, I would recommend watching The One I Love (very weird & interesting movie!), and if you’re going to gorge on cheeseburgers & milkshakes for lunch, I recommend having this salad for dinner! 😉

Spring Salad Pint of cherry or grape tomatoes
Half a red pepper
4 green onions
Half a cucumber
2 slices bacon
2 hard boiled eggs
Chopped nuts (pecans & peanuts)
Baby Spring salad mix

Honey Vinaigrette Dressing

Please keep in mind that this salad can be endlessly personalized. The red pepper, green onions, broccoli and bacon were leftovers in my fridge. It all came together quite nicely.  I boiled the eggs in the morning so they could chill before dinner. Cook up the bacon until crispy, slice up your veggies, and whisk together the delicious dressing I got from Martha Stewart. I like to pile up the plates with lettuce, then sprinkle the different ingredients over.  It saves a bowl and makes for a pretty presentation. Spoon over dressing just before serving.
It might not look like Spring yet out there, but that doesn’t mean Spring can’t be found in the kitchen! 



Home Cooking

This past week, I’ve ended up having breakfast burritos for dinner twice.  Maybe that doesn’t sound weird to you, but I usually don’t like to repeat dinner items during the week.  I’m not going to have a burger on Tuesday and be in the mood for a burger again on Thursday, you know?  Not so with the breakfast burrito, not so.

I decided to update the breakfast burrito of my past, Dad’s simple scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese combination, by adding some veggies and some hashbrowns.  Oooooh boy, you are in for a treat!

What you will need:
2 saute pans
burrito-sized tortillas
hashbrowns/shredded potatoes

Anything you don’t like, want to change out, whatever; go ahead!  This isn’t a strict recipe, just my idea of a delicious breakfast burrito!

First, get your bacon frying in one of the saute pans.  I did 3 pieces of thick cut bacon for 2 people, which was more than enough.  For thinner pieces of bacon, you might want to do 2 per person.  If there’s leftovers, just eat them! 😉
While the bacon is frying, dice up your veggies until they are uniform in size, about small enough to be combined easily with the egg while not being too small they disappear.  You want to taste them!  The amounts are completely up to you.
When the bacon is about done, get your other saute pan on the heat and put some oil in there.  Once that’s heated, throw in your shredded potatoes to make the hashbrowns.  I am shamed to say we just bought some frozen shredded potatoes, which makes it a hell of a lot easier but not healthier.  I prefer to shred potatoes when making hashbrowns, but sometimes you want time on your side.
Get the potatoes cooking only when the bacon is done and out of the pan onto some paper towels.  Scoop out as much of the crud in the bacon pan as you can, reserving about a tablespoon (just eye it) of the bacon grease.  Get that back on the heat and add your veggies.  Cook them down for a minute or two and then throw your eggs in.  We did 4, 2 eggs per person, which worked out well.  We probably could’ve done 3 total!  I think we eat too much.
So, recap!  You are now cooking your eggs, stirring regularly to scramble them, while your potatoes are browning.  Flip the hashbrowns at some point, usually after 3-5 minutes.  The goal is to have everything cooking done at the same time.  In my house, THIS NEVER HAPPENS.  So don’t feel bad if it doesn’t happen for you.  Our eggs were always done first, but as long as something is hot in that burrito, it will all be hot.

Now, get your tortilla spread out and ready on your plate.  You could heat up the tortilla if you wanted to, but we didn’t bother.  Put the cheese down first.  Doesn’t matter what you use; Ryan and I are partial to Boar’s Head Chipotle Gouda right now, and that worked great!  Creamy & spicy, yummmmmm.

Once you have your cheese on your tortilla, start scooping the food in.  I like to add the eggs & veggies first, as the heat will melt the cheese.  Then add your hashbrowns, and finally, break the bacon into bite-size pieces as you place it in your burrito.  Wrap it all up (if you can!) and voila, a heavenly dish.  Good for dinner, or breakfast, I’m sure! 😉  The nice thing is it really doesn’t take that long to make.  No photos because we scarfed them up!!

just call me the potato princess

When I was younger, I wasn’t a big fan of breakfast, and much preferred the hearty warmth of lunch & dinner.  Coming of age, being an alcoholic, & influence from Mr. Cacophony changed all that.  Add to that, my vicious Saturday night and a nice, hearty breakfast turned into a necessity this morning.  Bring on the eggs, bacon & home fries!!!

Now, everyone has their own image of a perfect breakfast.  Mine used to be the egg & cheese on an English muffin, but I’ve now moved on to the tastiness & heartiness of home fries.  My obsession reached its height at the home of Yorkshire Restaurant in Manassas.  Sadly, I have moved now, & can no longer take part in Yorkshire’s heavenly home fries.

Now, I don’t know how to make Yorkshire’s home fries, but I do now how to make some damn good ones.  Simple too.  Pair them with scrambled eggs, some turkey bacon, a glass of OJ & some red grapes, and you’ve got the Feisty breakfast of choice.


First, you are going to want to start with dicing your potatoes.  I use 2 red potatoes, which is a good helping for both Ryan & I.  You can certainly use white potatoes, just keep in mind how much you are making.

Dice them up, wash them & dry them off.  Of course, wash them before you dice them up too — I will scrub my potatoes and core the eyes out with my fingernails because i don’t have a peeler.

Add about 2 T. of olive oil to your saute pan (make sure you have a fitted lid for it!), and start to heat it up.  I think the original recipe called for butter, but I try not to cook with butter whenever possible.  Learn to love olive oil and you’ll start to prefer it.




Once your oil is hot, throw in your potatoes, and stir them up so they are nicely covered by the oil.  Sprinkle salt & pepper.  I do a healthy dose of pepper & then a pinch of salt, since the less salt, the better.




Top your pan with the lid, and set your timer for 10 minutes.

While our potatoes are sizzling away, its time to cut your onions!  I cut them big because you don’t want them to disappear once they’ve cooked.  I use white onion because I like their sweetness.  To each their own.  There’s no specific amount, just whatever looks like enough.





After the 10 minutes are up, take the lid off and stir your potatoes well.  You should see a nice browning on one side of every potato that touched the pan.  Yum!  Throw in your onions and stir so they are coated with the oil.


EDIT: I replaced the photo here with a more accurate photo of how the browning should look, hence why the potatoes and onions are different looking than the photos above.
Look at that crispy goodness!  Don’t be scared of the char — with home fries, the more char, the better they taste.





Cook 10 more minutes with the top on.  Make sure those onions get a nice char too!  Caramelized onions, mmmmmmm.


   Serve & scarf down!




You know when breakfast is also very good? Dinnertime.  You could probably even make these potatoes with dinner, they are so fuckin delicious.  I imagine throwing bacon in would be really delicious, or you could do any kind of veggie, like mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, etc.*  You know, I bet you could throw anything into these and they would be awesome.   GO CRAZY with it!


*Cook bacon first and crumble.  Add to dish in last 30 seconds of cooking.  I added my mushrooms in the last 3 minutes of cooking.  Zucchini would need longer time, maybe 5 minutes.  Peppers are completely subjective, as it is up to you how cooked or raw you like your peppers to be.

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