Spotlight On: the Nutribullet

I love this little guy. $69.99 for a combination blender and food processor with only two pieces to wash!

Now, a small disclaimer: as great as this guy is, it’s not the best for making pesto. For those not familiar, the final step in making pesto is streaming oil into the basil mixture as it is running. You can do that with a food processor; if you’re a food aficionado like me it’s great to have all the tools! 🙂

I usually use my nutribullet to make smoothies, pictured above. My go to recipe is a fresh banana, a combination of frozen fruit, almond milk and honey. This particular smoothie was made with frozen raspberries, blueberries, mango and pineapple. The convenience of the nutribullet plus the affordability of buying store brand frozen fruit and bananas means I have at least 2 smoothies every week! 

Besides smoothies, I’ll grab the nutribullet to blend up sauces and dressings as well. Like pumpkin vinaigrette or homemade enchilada sauce, or this delicious cilantro garlic sauce! Which goes great with chicken, steak, shrimp, or any Mexican themed dish! Like on tacos 😛

Cilantro Garlic Sauce

2 smashed garlic cloves
1 c. chopped cilantro
2 tsp. salt
1/4 c. olive oil
2 T. fresh lemon juice (1 lemon)
1/8 tsp. cayenne 

And that’s it! Definitely worth the price if you like to cook/make food from scratch. 



Eat Yo Greens

Disclaimer: I am not a healthy eater. I like fresh, real foods, but I don’t try to skimp on the stuff that tastes good–fat, sugar, salt…however, I am getting married in less than 3 weeks. And what better time to try and curb your habits a bit, right?

I like salads. Salads always taste so good in restaurants, but their complexities always boggled my mind a little to make at home. Salads need balance; a crunchy element, a sweet element; what dressings complimented what ingredients?? And so on.  When I wanted to make a salad, I’d break out my classic Caesar, with romaine hearts, torn bread croutons and homemade dressing complete with anchovies and egg yolk. (Pictured above)

But then my lovely husband to be requested a salad every week. Who wants to eat the same salad week to week? The only thing worth eating every week is pizza! ;).

So I went all out with the next one. It’s Cobb, baby! Hard boiled eggs, bacon, homemade croutons–along with broccoli, tomatoes and green onion. Topped with ranch because it’s always in our house (good for dipping pizza crusts–I told you I wasn’t healthy!).

Next go around was a simpler salad, made up of various pantry items. Mushrooms, some leftover broccoli, feta cheese, tomato, and sunflower seeds. I tossed it with my own made up recipe of oil and (apple cider) vinegar because I’m sort of trying to avoid dairy. Sort of…

Tonight was another fancy salad! I candied some pecans in sugar and added them to this sweet salad of pears, avocado and blue cheese. Topped it off with a mustard vinaigrette.

Behold, the most summery salad of all salads! I got some of those delicious little creamer potatoes and boiled them for a few minutes, blanched them in cold water, then quartered them. Grilled corn in the husk then slipped them out and cut the corn right off the cob. Add cherry tomatoes, red onion and lettuce grown from your garden and toss with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

 This is my Summer-fading-into-Fall salad. Make it easy on yourself and dice up the meat from a rotisserie chicken. Add it to one diced green apple and half a cup of oven-toasted pecans, and toss together with red leaf romaine and a mustard-orange vinaigrette.

It’s fun finding new and interesting ways to eat lettuce! I hope this post inspired you to try your hand at making a delicious salad.





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