Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

20141111-164734.jpgAs I found while preparing to make macarons for my mom last Christmas, the Internet is filled with FAQs and guides on making macarons. To many it is not an easy task, and I found this out the hard way as I practiced the recipe for her present. Time and time again, they didn’t look right. The ones I ended up giving her still didn’t look right:
20141111-165156.jpgIt was enough to make me reconsider my chosen career! This year, with half a bag of almond flour still in my fridge, I decided to try again using a different recipe. It made all the difference! I’m proud to say I didn’t give up, and now feel like I’ve mastered macarons. It just goes to show you,
never give up, never surrender!!


Edit: I’ve made them since with mixed results, so I finally decided to get Mad About Macarons and made these pictured below! Haha, MASTERED. 👍



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