You Need a Pita


Anything that can double as a pizza crust and a sandwich bread is a prized item in my kitchen. As one of my culinary heroes, Alton Brown, attests to, kitchen tools with multiple functions is always better. Sure, he was talking about using your garlic press for something other than pressing garlic (which is apparently a lost cause…)* but when I’m making meals, prepackaged items can be tools as well.

For example, though I originally bought these to make a portobello & feta pizza, with only two mouths to feed, I had plenty of pitas left over. Enter, homemade chicken salad. Someday I will make it again and post my recipe–it was so delicious! Cut open the pita like you would a bagel, and boom.   A pita pocket perfect for your favorite filling.

Or maybe one day you want something for lunch that isn’t a sandwich, and you create a masterpiece personal pizza! I spread some barbecue sauce (all I had–tomato sauce would work too of course!) over the pita, topped it with some sliced tomato and red onion, and then sprinkled small slices of Monterey Jack cheese. Top with some dried oregano and garlic powder, bake in oven until cheese melts and then place under broiler until golden brown.
These are my favorite moments in the kitchen; no recipes, just intuitive flavors and throwing in whatever is available. Feisty worthy food, and lots of fun too. 😉


*As far as I can tell, there’s not many more uses for the garlic press, and most professional chefs consider it “useless.”  Though it is true that pressing garlic with a knife and then slicing it will result in essentially the same thing, I love the way my garlic press discards the skin and presses the garlic directly into the pot or pan with the appearance of the garlic you can buy already pressed in a jar.  For now, my garlic press has a permanent place in my ever expanding kitchen. 😉


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