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Since introducing myself as a food blogger at the women’s wedding lunch I attended with my friend Jess, she’s seen me as an easy way to sneak in some free advertising for Stoneridge Events Center and their in-house caterer Savory Fare.  I say, give me free food and I’ll give you free advertising!

So last week, the food at the Dominion Valley Country Club was a little hit or miss, but not so with Savory Fare! Their food and their presentation was absolutely fabulous.  The events center held their open house yesterday, inviting everyone to taste what Savory Fare had to offer and to see how beautiful the space is.  The Greater Warrenton Chamber of Commerce was also holding a raffle event; for $25 you could purchase a ticket that will put you in the running for a new car(!) or $10,000!!!!  I think it was $10,000.  They were wheeling around a banquet table stacked high with bundles of $1 bills wrapped in plastic to garner excitement.  I’m too poor for a $25 ticket (true to form, my bank just informed me my “overdraft protection” had to kick in, erggg) so I was able to get in on the guest list. 😉


First, the food.  I was ready for dinner and the food looked so delicious! Little buffalo chicken salad cups, miniature crab cakes, pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, and ham biscuits make my mouth water.  That wasn’t even all of it, just what I sampled.  There were also Greek kabobs and southwestern egg rolls with guacamole, among other offerings.


Yay for drink ticket wine! The food was definitely the focus for me though.  I’d have to say my favorite of the savory dishes were the crab cakes, so moist and full of crab, and the pulled pork sandwiches.  I really liked the barbecue sauce served with the pork, it wasn’t too sweet and complemented the sandwich nicely.  The pork was so tender and juicy too; I ate two sandwiches so you know I liked them!  I think I ate too much, but I still had dessert to try….


That’s right, there was a chocolate fountain. A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN! Maybe I’m spoiled but even though chocolate fountains are awesome, I’m not so starstruck — not like the other guests. 😀 Jessica pointed out that the chocolate itself is what people are crazy about, and I guess good chocolate is hard to find.  There were cream puffs, Rice Krispie treats, angel food cake, marshmallows and strawberries to skewer and drench in chocolate, which is quite a nice offering.  All the strawberries were humongous too!  However, the star of the table was the cream puffs.  Absolutely delightful, they were light and fluffy with a puff of cream in the middle.  I didn’t even need the chocolate to enjoy those!


Yes, I had three of them after the first one I dipped in chocolate.  Needless to say, I had a stomach ache when I was driving home, but damnit it was worth it.  Crab cakes, pulled pork sandwiches, and cream puffs — I think its safe to say Savory Fare is here to stay! Yayyy!! I want more cream puffs now.

Take a look at the interior as well, its quite nicely done.


I’m getting quite good at these.  Invite me to your next food event and I’ll write you a blog entry complete with pretty pictures and my hungry stomach! 😉



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