My New Favorite Thing

ImageThe CinnPot!!!  Its my latest obsession — fill a pot with water, put it on the burner, & sprinkle in cinnamon.  When it starts to simmer, the smell of cinnamon permeates the kitchen and its wonderful!  I’ve also thrown in a cinnamon stick, and sprinkled in ginger & pumpkin pie spice (basically what I had lying around).  I’m dying to try it with citrus peels as well — its like a live batch of potpourri. 

TIPS: Add a lot of water to the pot because as it simmers, the water dissipates and will eventually disappear.  Leave it on for too long and you might start smelling scorched cinnamon.  To avoid this from happening I also like to keep the heat on below medium.


3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Thing

    • Hi Mary,

      I do too! The first time I did this, I kept forgetting about it and finding the water gone and cinnamon about to burn! The bottom of that pot looked pretty icky so I soaked it in the sink with soap for a day and the blackness that had caked onto the pot just flaked right off. If you don’t let the water disappear (I regularly add more as is dissipates), all it needs is a quick sponge scrub.

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