Random Thoughts on Food


I.  In the last 6 months, I’ve begun to notice that I will do a little dance when I’m eating delicious food.  Apparently, its something foodies do, and that’s cool because I love food.  Last night I made a Trader Joe’s panko-crusted tilapia that I sprinkled with lemon juice, redskin mashed potatoes & sauteed mushrooms and onions that I put in the oven to keep warm so long, they roasted a little too.  It was so fuckin delicious I was swaying side to side while I chewed.

II.  I have become madly in love with Pinterest, seeing it as an amazingly modern way to review the Internet.  I am on it most of the time through my work’s account, searching for interesting gardening photos, but I came across so many recipes that sounded so fuckin delicious, I created a secret board to share with my personal account.  I then grab the recipes from the secret board and re-pin them on my boards, like Yum! or Good to Know.  What I don’t like is there are some recipes that are completely made up of packaged ingredients.  Like, “Texas Trash,” where the recipe is something like a can of beans, a package of sour cream, and a bag of shredded cheese.  Or, these “Chicken Pillows,” which are a combination of chicken broth, cream cheese and croissant.  Sure, they may sound tasty, but its no wonder when you’re combining fat with fat with salt.

III. Most of my meals are centered around fresh vegetables, a process several years in the making.  I used to rely on Bertolli bags and Bob Evans microwavable sides!  Now, if I don’t have potatoes, onion, & garlic in my house, I feel like I have no food.  Those have become my staples, though when I’m feeling rich I reach for the mushrooms, squash, tomatoes, and anything else that interests me.  I’ve got a cactus pear in my fridge right now because the price was right and I’ve never had one before!  It feels good to enjoy fresh produce, to celebrate it.  Sometimes I feel guilty for still wanting sauteed vs. steamed, or enjoying macaroni & cheese as much as I do, but I shouldn’t.  I can love my fruits and vegetables at the same time I love my oils and cheeses — food is about enjoyment and life is about acceptance.


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