My Adventures with Wonton Wrappers


I like to cook, and part of liking to cook is wanting to know how to make everything.  I’ve previously tried making pasta before, and without a pasta press the whole process is rather trying.  Forgot to ask for one this Christmas too!  I’m finally getting on the food processor bandwagon, though, so I guess I’m just like that late bloomer, Leo, I read about in elementary school.

The news around the Internet was that wonton wrappers were great for making ravioli and so on my last mystery shop, dallying around the sections at Martin’s, I came across the little green bag of Nasoya Wonton Wraps.  Great for making wontons & ravioli!, the package boasts.  I had to try this.  Purchased a container of ricotta and figured the rest was up to me!

Now, the first time I made these, I underestimated the time it would take me to make the filling (chop & cook mushroom, onion, garlic, mix with ricotta and shredded cheese), the egg wash, and to painstakingly seal each one together.  The “easy way” I came across was to simply plop a tablespoon of filling in the middle of one wrapper, brush all sides around with egg wash, and then press another wrapper on top.
Side note: pushing all the air out without pushing out the filling is quite annoying!

Anyways, the whole process ended up taking me so long (before we had to rush off to the last Yelp Elite party of the year!), that I only had time to drizzle some olive oil and a little fresh cracked salt and pepper.  Ryan said he liked it; I thought, quite honestly, it was bland.  Also, there was too much pasta.  Eight raviolis each was way too much for me!

Well, once you open this package, you’ve got a week according to its directions.  So I figured, with some leftover ricotta mix, I would try again.  This time, I made it easy on myself, and this is what I found:

1. Fuck the egg wash, water works just as well.  Its cheaper, healthier and less messy.

2. Put less filling in the middle of each wrapper, and then fold it over itself to make a triangle ravioli.  Half the pasta!  Twice as cute.

3. The sauce definitely helped.  Olive oil, white wine, real butter, zucchini, onions, garlic, basil….whatever I had, I threw it in.  Well, I have canned tomato sauce but I can’t justify opening a whole can for 5 raviolis.

The point is, cooking is all about experimentation.  I am the first one to admit that throwing in my own idea of what goes together is scary, and the threat of ruining the whole thing by throwing in a pinch too much of anything is very real.  But as you perform tried and true recipes, over time you realize what you like and what tastes good.  And I know that thick cut zucchini slices cooked in white wine is DELICIOUS! 🙂



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