Easy Recipe of the Week: Tortilla Chips

There are tons of easy recipes out there that people might think are hard but they aren’t.  I really should start doing this weekly…and maybe I will.  Try, anyway.  I’ve given myself an early, unofficial New Year’s resolution — watch less television.  “TV is a nickname and nicknames are for friends and television is no friend of mine!” 
That quote is actually from a television series (called Mr. Showsuch genius, such absurdity!), and its not like I’m going to give it up entirely.  I gotta have my stories!

mi 024

Store bought or Homemade Tortillas
Vegetable oil (or the frying oil of your choice)

1. cut up your tortillas into triangles.  Think, what do I want my tortilla chip to look like?

mi 001







2. heat up your oil until it shimmers.  then drop in the triangles & watch them sizzle!

mi 011







3. flip consistently until crisp & browned.  place on paper towel and sprinkle with salt, if desired.

mi 015







Surely, this same recipe would work with corn tortillas, which are the traditional tortilla chips available in most places.  Be different, be gluttonous, and be adventurous with flour tortillas! 🙂  Delicious with left over crab dip, homemade chili with rice, or maybe even your homemade avocado dip!


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