Happy Halloween!

While this isn’t specifically a food post, it is a ‘recipe’ for an easy costume so that’s how we justify it! 🙂

I don’t work Wednesdays, so I wanted to come up with an easy, no nonsense costume for Tuesday.  I love celebrating Halloween and didn’t want to miss out on the fun of wearing a costume at work, but I also didn’t want to be an overzealous fan dressed to the nines on the day before Halloween.  The costume I crafted for this year (and will probably break out in future years since I never got to wear it) was Joan Holloway, but the whole getup takes longer than I have most mornings.

So, here I present to you…

What you will need:
1 black headband (or other color..does it really matter?)
1 medium-sized piece of stiff paper
tape and a glue stick (if one or the other, go with the glue stick)
black paint or black markers
black eyeliner

Now, I’m amazed myself that this worked so well since I didn’t think it would hold all day.  It did, and I got many compliments on how cute the ears were.  So this is how I did it:

First, cut 2 long strips from your paper, making sure to cut enough for the width and length of your ears, doubled!
Fold each one in half, and cut out a triangle (cat ear) in to each folded piece of paper, making sure to leave an inch or two of paper in the middle.  The ears are going to be wrapped around the headband; my headband was thick, which is why I needed that extra paper in the middle.  If you are using a thin headband, it’s not needed.

Next, color your paper black.  If you are using black paper, skip this step.  Paint would be easiest, but I didn’t have black paint (which in my house is shocking!) so I used different dying black markers until I got both sides of both ears covered.

First thing’s first, arrange the folded ears above your head, looking in the mirror to get the placement how you want.  Now, for my thick headband, I took each ear separately and wrapped it around the headband, flattening the two sides together so the points match up and the bottom is against the underside of the wide headband.  Now the paper has folds, and you can tell where it will need tape.  I taped the middle part and pushed it in to the underside of the headband.  It doesn’t stay well, so work fast and glue each triangle pair together above the headband.  Again, that won’t stay well either but just keep them pressed together.  I ended up laying the headband down on a table and placing something heavy on each ear to set it.

If you have a thinner headband, you can probably skip ahead to the gluing of the ears together and not have to worry about taping the base.  I would still set it by placing some heavy objects on the ears only so the glue can dry the two pieces together.

When its time to show the world your cat costume, color in the tip of your nose with the black eyeliner, following the shape of your nose and how it compares to a cat’s nose.  Draw three lines on each cheek to look like whiskers, and BOOM! You done kitty cat.  I also attempted some cat eye makeup on my eyes with the eyeliner.  Put on some black (I wore a black hoodie with a black slinky mini-dress and patterned stockings) and your easy cat costume is ready.  The eyeliner does smudge so bring it with you to correct any accidental wipes with your hand.

Happy Halloween!!  Don’t eat too much candy tonight, & remember…life’s no fun without a good scream!


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