Foodspotting Moonlighting

Last night, I was lucky enough to enjoy a special unveiling of Bistro 27‘s Fall menu.  I don’t know how, or why, but Ryan was personally invited by someone who found him on Yelp, and took me along as a guest.  It seemed specifically like a food photography event, and our table of 10 or so strangers took delight in breaking out our camera phones (or just plain cameras) before digging into each course.  It was a little strange to be rolling with some big name Richmond foodies, like this guy, this other guy, and this Richmond blogger.

We started with bread, served with an olive oil and eggplant dip that was so delicious, I had two pieces, something I regretted by the end of the meal.  We went on to enjoy six courses!  The entire meal had homey, comforting flavors; even the beet salad, which I wasn’t really privy to, was served with warm goat cheese.

First Course: Mushroom & Cream Soup

Delicious!  Very creamy, a little oily but not bothersome.  Great mushroom flavor.

Second Course: Lobster Ravioli

My favorite.  Nice, subtle lobster flavor.  Cream sauce with a bit of spice.

Third Course: Beet Carpaccio w/Fried Goat Cheese

My least favorite.  The goat cheese was a great pairing, but I felt the dish was overwhelmed by the olive oil.

Fourth Course: Squid Ink Risotto with Calamari and Shrimp

Delightfully delicious.  The surprises of calamari and garlic in the risotto were quite pleasant.

Fifth Course: Duck, Sausage, and Pig Tail with Beans

The sausage tasted like really good ham and the duck confit was very tender.  The beans also had good flavor.

Sixth Course: Apples w/Oat Cookie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberry & Caramel Sauce

The oat cookie was soft and warm, pairing perfectly with the apple.  The strawberry sauce was a little sweet for me.

By the end of it, I was full to bursting.  I felt like my stomach was going to explode out of my body, but I loved the experience anyway.  The platings were all so gorgeous, even if I didn’t always like the flavors.  Overall, though, this was a high class meal.  I’ve never been a fan of beets, but ate a good part of my plate, eating them with the sprouts and goat cheese.  Similarly, I do not like the consistency of beans, but still took a spoonful since they were seasoned so nicely.

I recommend to anyone who has the means to go to check out Bistro 27’s Fall menu.  Its a great restaurant; I personally can only afford brunch there!  So it was quite a treat to attend this event.


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