I Like to Snack: Chocolate

Okay, most of those who know me will know I am a Trader Joe’s fanatic.  In true fanatic form, here’s my Yelp review for my local TJ.  Anyways, I mention the items below and many others in my review, but these specific items I highlight below are the ones I can’t stay away from.

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert
Made with Coconut Milk
This is delicious!  It’s chocolate enough and ice cream enough to seductively satisfy those sweet, indulgent cravings but it’s non-dairy, and I love that.  Getting older makes you realize that so much of the food you used to eat was shitty food that you shouldn’t be eating.  They only come in Ben & Jerry’s size pints, which I’m not a fan.   I want more!  Oh, Trader Joe’s how you tease me….


Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar
Dark Chocolate Almonds

Okay, right off I am going to warn you that these are DANGEROUS.  I bring a small bag to work and cannot keep my hands out of it.  Each and every one is crunchy,  chocolatey, salty.  They are so balanced in their dangerous deliciousness that when I think to have one, I must have one.  I suppose it’s not so bad; each one’s roughly 17 calories.  Oh, Trader Joe’s how do you do it…


I’m starting to think I have to force myself into Trader Joe’s employment to at least get paid for this kind of enthusiasm.  Ahh, food.



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