doing what we do

i cannot read comments anymore.  i just can’t — they anger me, & i want to reply to every single one of them with my brand of knowledge attack.  obviously, that would be overkill, but its upsetting to see so many people

a. blame our President for problems he never created, like a high debt, high gas prices or the weather

b. have no support for the members of society who were NOT born into the middle class & need government help to survive.

c. don’t even read the article & simply use the comments section to stand on their soapbox

i sort of hate how political i have gotten, in a way.  maybe as soon as a year and a half ago, i didn’t feel informed & was embarrassed that i wasn’t.  it made me feel like a child, like i wanted to be part of “adult” conversations but since i wasn’t informed, i couldn’t.  (ahhhh the contradictions!!)  now i am informed, OVER informed, & it stresses me out.  then again, i have a wild imagination.

what i see is an increasingly polarized country, with liberals on one side and conservatives on the other.  both groups are slinging mud & blame at the other, and the American people are the big losers in it all.  i just read that people are dying in this over 100 degree heat because they can’t afford to put on their air conditioning.  usually they are supported by a government that will help them pay for their energy bill, but that budget has been SLASHED, so now most people will no longer be supported by it.  people are dying in this heat.

i hate to sound like a crazy person, but i keep thinking of 12/2012 as this point that we are leading up to.  Oil spills, record breaking heat & cold, birds dying in the sky, Japan under water, nuclear power plants submerged by floods, increasing civil animosity…..the only thing that keeps me from screaming in the streets (besides the heat) is that i convince myself every generation feels the Earth getting sick under their feet.  older people chalk it up to that, & who am i to argue with those who have lived longer than me?  its not like spotting the warning signs is going to save me anyway.

breaking away from that heaviness, i’ve been cooking up a storm lately, which makes me tired & happy.  last night i made shrimp tacos from scratch (except the shrimp was pre-cooked…), making cucumber-tomato salsa, sauteed peppers, and flour tortillas (thick ones since i have no rolling pin).  here’s my super easy recipe for tortillas:

2 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
1/2 c. shortening
3/4 c. warm water

Mix together the flour & salt, then add shortening.  Add water slowly and mix in until all together.  Put on floured surface (flour those hands too!!) and knead for one minute.  Break into 8 same size balls.  Heat pan to medium and flatten each ball (one at a time) to about 6 in. wide.  Place in pan – should bubble when ready.

I personally have usually halved it, and I also have to flip my tortilla over & cook both sides since they are too thick.  last night i overcooked one though, it became hard & cracked when i tried to make it into a taco.

I have also been growing zucchini & I now have 3 large ones that I need to use!  I have decided to take on this pizza recipe I saw a bit ago that sounded quite delicious.  Scarily, I have decided to make the pizza dough as well (ahhh) which has the same ingredients as the tortilla except active dry yeast is added as well.  The actual pizza itself is lemon juice & goat cheese spread on as the sauce, and then thin sliced zucchini is placed on top, overlapping each other.  More lemon juice & a splash of olive oil on top.  Yum!

Some other creative tasks I have taken part in:

*my job is always a lovely place for this
*the project i have with Mr. C…..:D
*i think its safe to mention i am almost done writing a new short story!!

i guess that’s all we can in the face of impending doom…………………..keep doing what we do.




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