its true, i really never wear pants

i feel like a lesbian trapped in a straight girl’s body.

a few reasons: i appreciate rainbows, i fall in love with strong-willed, short-haired chicks (add Rachel Maddow to the list), i like going braless, i’m boyish.

a few reasons i know i’m straight: i always want to look pretty, i never wear pants, i like having sex with my boyfriend.


there are so many boy & girl qualities that are shared by boys and girls alike.  like, is cooking a boy thing or a girl thing?  in the past, it would be considered a female thing, something the woman was responsible for.  i’m sure there are many men out there who believe they have dominated the field though (they haven’t).  there are also plenty of guys out there who take way longer to get ready in the morning than i do.  i’m better at killing bugs than my boyfriend because i don’t get as freaked out as he does.  you know what it all boils down to?  we are humans.  we are people, not genders.  & it seems too often that too many people forget that, insisting boys act like “boys” and girls act like “girls”– the truth is, every quality and trait out there is for everyone.  “boyish” and “girly” can even describe anyone, male or female!

we’re all the same species!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NEW SHORT STORY —- about one species that does stick together. EVOLUTION



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