i wanna be the one to walk in the sun

I can’t go on without her,
God bless my Cindy Lauper
Oh, oh, I want a new wave girl

As a child of the 80’s, I love a majority of the 80’s, but 1981 was 30 years ago!  It really makes me think about the concept of time and its non-stop force.  We can revel all we want in a particular moment, but it passes, and before we know it, we’re looking forward to every weekend until the year is gone.  Before you know it, your 27th birthday is arriving!! (Eek!)

Its a shame that the 80’s sort of feels like the last great decade.  Maybe because of the Internet, but it seems American pop culture splintered a thousand ways in the 90’s and only got worse.  I love living in the age of the Internet, but sometimes I wish I experienced life without it for a little bit.  I know I could; in these days of Facebook, Twitter, and Email though, it would just make my return to it harder.  No, I’m talking about being a teenager in the 70’s and getting my news by word of mouth, or newspaper.  Ug, I’m starting to sound like Kevin Arnold, reminscing about “simpler times.” Ha!

One thing from the 80’s that I didn’t include on my list is Weird Al.  When I was a kid I had one of his CD’s and then got a little older and realized Weird Al wasn’t cool.  Thankfully I grew out of that, and just watched an “interview” Weird Al did with Eminem on YouTube, and my god, I was cracking up!  Plus, when he has short hair, he’s kinda cute. 🙂 so, shoutout to Weird Al, Cyndi Lauper, John Carpenter, and Freddy Krueger for making the 80’s so fuckin awesome.



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