wine talk

i would like to meet a spam robot.  make friends with it even.  i could ask my robot friend why they like talking about such unrelated topics as my penis & pleasing my non-existent woman.  i could even help my spam robot friend, & let them know how to sound like a real person so that they would be undetected.  for example

that is an interesting point of view.  i, too, think old people can be quite annoying.  i heard that viagra chases them away.

see?  i would say to my robot friend.  see how easy it is to fool the general public?  & then i would point out sarah palin as an A+ example.  she is magnifique in the robot world.  she says spammy things all the time & because it is on topic, no one is the wiser.  someone needs to give her one of those spam filters & see if she can type out TRYABORTION written in wavy lettering.  hopefully she’ll just blow up.

but i think maybe i’m just glamored by the movies.  terminator 2 told me that robots are dangerous & evil, but loyal.  just like people.  except robots tell it like it is, like jackee on sister, sister.  or most famous black women, for that matter.  so maybe what i really want is a black friend.

i have an asian friend, & she is honest and usually “tells it like it is,” but in a nice way.  she is really nice to everyone – is that an asian stereotype?  she’s not a stereotype, but we all fall into categories sometimes.  like, she is asian.  that is a category, just like i am white.  she calls me her caucasian twin, because it rhymes with asian, and i call her my asian twin.  we call ourselves twins because we are alike, though very different in many ways.  so basically, we are longtime friends and a fan of wordplay.

but i do seriously lack diversity.  my boyfriend is white, my closest friends (besides suburbanette) are white, my co-workers are white, & even my whole family is white.   so maybe having a spam robot for a friend would change all that, because they would not be white.  i guess they would be metal, technically.  & then i could say i had a colored friend.



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