i would’ve wrote more but i smashed up this keyboard & now my hands hurt

so, i am working on a new story that actually has structure, & so far no one is planned to die.  the working title is Counterfeit Gold, so you can come up with your own theory on what that means.   😛

yes, i got a job in short pump, the fancy area of richmond.  in other words, the not run down & trashed area of richmond. it really is quite nice, & i must say, this is probably the first job i have not wanted to leave after a day, or made justifications for.  like…i guess i do like keeping files organized, so it isn’t that bad.  no, my biggest problems are finding something to do  & COMPOSITION.  baby, im loving it.

happiness makes the art a little harder, but im chipping away at it.  me & mr. c are as domestic as they come now…….the only shows i know of coming up are SW 25th anniversary in Chicago at the end of May, & Joey Cape himself personally let me know that he is coming to DC in June.  Ya, he sends me mail & we talk on Twitter – i am thisclose to having dirty backstage sex with him.  its cool! – he’s on my list.  as im sure mr.c would feel the same way about….carla gugino? claudia wells? arnold schwarzenegger?  i dont know!!


alright, i gotta go before i destroy this keyboard –FUK IRELESS KEYBADS!!!!!!!!!! (this is how it types — that says fuck wireless keyboards)



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