i need someone to die

whoa….its been a little while.

gotta keep up with the fb & the twitter, you know….its hard when you almost avoid going online.  plus its not like things happen every day, though i did get a job so i will probably been keeping up with this even less.  lammmmmmeeeeeeeeee.

lets see….ive been thinking of buying a typewriter.  my reasons include how i can type my friends letters & i will be creatively inspired by all the old timeyness of it all. plus, im going for this whole poor howard hughes look, so today i bought a kiddie pool & a 4-pack of burt’s bees lip balm, because seriously………………………..that is the only shit worth buying online in a 4-pack.  i have used others, mainly because most gas stations & supermarkets do not carry burt’s bees (is it a secret pact they have with cvs?), & they can’t compare! like, anyone else in the lip balm market just needs to stop, because they all really suck.  but im also a bit of a mint freak…

i started writing an outline today about something that would actually be structured and have an underlying overall message about life…im trying to stay truthful.  it’ll still be feisty but like feistyUnraveled….Uncovered? Unveiled?  Maybe…i like veils. i would really like the opportunity to wear one because i cant really pull off the netting in my face look. i need someone to die.



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