fuck the appletini

feisty just posted the long awaited………………FAN!!!!!!!!!

that’s right bitches, its finally done.  ryan c. is one tough cookie!  he pushed me, but its good that he did because then you wouldn’t be feasting (feisting…:)) your eyes on the amazing work of art that it is.  AMAZING. NOW WATCH IT.

so…………in other news, feisty likes to do does dumb things every once in awhile, & that includes alcohol poisoning.  no big deal, you just can’t keep anything down for a day….even water.  whatever! fuck the appletini is all i can say.

after that terrific day, i was left with shitty cold symptoms which has made me less than willing to do more than sleep & watch true blood. but fear not, because i am coming back baby.  i had another idea for a short story called CRIMINAL, so i’ve added that on to my plate & i’m going to try & make it my goal to finish one of the others that float around before the end of this week………….so that it can enter into the editing stage. Ha!

plus now that FAN is done, i can finally move on to something new.  yes, i can work on 5,000 stories at once but for some reason, the vids come one at a time.  i suppose my mind works over time with words more than images, so there you go! i’m neurotic, what can i say?

bullets & bellini tinis,


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