i just smacked you in the face with some awesome

hey hey hey

so, MATTERSVILLE HAS BEEN POSTED!!! read it & love it my dears.  my ‘fan’ vid still needs to be reviewed by ryan c….he’s currently living in richmond & i will join him tomorrow. yay!
would you like to know the story behind the story of MATTERSVILLE?  pull up a chair & light that pipe, my friend………..
first, i had gone to see me first & the gimme gimmes & it was fantastic. EPIC! ryan c., our friend noa & i pushed our way to the front & though it was hard to know what was going on being that close, it was magical.  we found ourselves right in front of the adorable joey cape, and he held my hand several times as i would hold mine out.  at one point, when he went to lean down to listen to some other chick behind me, i saw my chance & flat out hugged him.  imagine stars in my eyes……………..so at the same time, i had been thinking about punk rockers & their personalities, & how they would interact if they all lived in the same town.  like the hanson brothers are awesome, but they look funny & wear hockey masks on stage, which might scare regular old townsfolk.  couple that with my newfound supercrush on the capo and BOOM! POW! SMASHHHHH!  a story was born.  i borrowed the name from the nofx song about the town they retire in, so there you go you groovie ghoulies.

so there’s other stuff in the works (like always) and since today is my last day of my current job (GOD YES!), i look forward to finally having some real time to work on them.  expect many more fun things to come!!!!!!!!!! videos, stories…….i would also like to get more of my work (drawings, collage, paintings, etc.) on the website, and further on down the line i am thinking of putting together a book! i just smacked you in the face with some awesome, didn’t i? take it like a (wo)man.



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