stop being an asshole

hahahahaha i faked you out!!!

no, not really.  i looked over my story & my vid & neither one was ready. 😦 c’est la vie! in the creative world. plus i’m picky and i hate posting things before they’re ready.  i do that, & then i have to take it down when i look it back over & i HATE IT.  & its a little embarrassing as a writer.  like anyone notices.

i mean, they both needed edits. i’m thinking of waiting to post the vid until i let my muse look it over – see if he likes it.  its also because i didn’t get to looking them over until 11 tonight…… ma & i were google mapping it up!  why? you may ask.  why is google mapping a pastime that anyone would partake in??

& to you i say, stop being an asshole, like your pastimes are so great! but really, we were looking around richmond, specifically cary st., w. broad st. & monument ave., all very close to my NEW HOUSE!!! wowowowowowowowow nom nom nom (i’m eating my new house)

yes, thats right – feisty & ryan cacophony are moving to richmond for sun, sand & palm trees.  waitaminute………………….thats not right.
i want palm trees!  & then ryan pats me on the head & says “someday feisty, someday.”
& someday we will be californians.  but for now, he got a great job & i figured – why rush it?  its hard enough to get a job right now, let alone trying to do it in the mecca of the west.
i see this as feisty’s practice arena & time to build her empire! bwahahahaha



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