this year i’ll try not to drink too much

happy new yearrrr!!! wow, only one year away from total destruction & i feel great!!

for those who are like ‘huhhhh???????????’ i’m talking about the dumb rumors that 12/12/12 is going to be the end of the world. 
just because the mayans were really good at fortune telling, it doesn’t mean they stopped the calendar on that day because human life would cease to exist.  maybe it just means time will start going backwards that day (no big deal), like in the philip k. dick book counterclock world.  if you have never read that book or heard of p.k.d. then GET TO IT! he wrote the books that inspired the movies like blade runner, total recallminority report & a scanner darkly.  in the words of bill & ted, he is Most Crucial.

i’m on the brink of posting a new story & a new video. YAYAYAYAYAY!  the story is my sudden fiction about detective joey cape & his pain in doing business in MATTERSVILLE.  its basically done, but i like to sit on things for a bit before i post them.  i want to read it tomorrow & if i still think its good, its going up!
same with the video – its done, but i want to watch it tomorrow & if its still awesome then i will post it, fool!  its called fan & features feisty fatale running rabidly to catch the 1-man show – featuring mr.cacophony as the talented & adorable drumma.

you are so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just sit on your hands till i get back babe.
polka dots & pinstripes,


One thought on “this year i’ll try not to drink too much

  1. It could mean the end of the world or maybe the dawn of a new era. Some people think of it as more of like an “enlightening”.

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