hey kids.

don’t have much to report on — i should be writing either one of the two stories i am currently working on but i’m watching ‘undeclared’ & can’t write & zone out to the tv at the same time.  its christmas, don’t make me work!!

1 is a story i already mentioned, which i desperately need a title for…i’m so bad at titles sometimes.  detective capo? joey had to go…he couldn’t stay. he had to get awayyyyy…..mmmm, i love the hanson brothers.

2 is a story i wrote on my old computer & then it died. like POW! I HATE YOU & it was gone.  i’ve been told files can still be extracted & i know several people who know how to do this but i never think to ask them when we hang out & i’m also lazy………so i thought, i’ll just rewrite that story & make it better!   it centers on girl gorgeous (who’s name has been used before HERE) & her roommate cera bellum – sexy *yummy punk rock girls* who like to mess around.

this ‘undeclared’ shit reminds me a lot of singles.  like the people in this show grew up to be bridget fonda & matt dillon….ooooh the ninetiesssss.


MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM FEISTY!!!!!!!!!!! love & blood & guts ❤



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