can i just say, wordpress is complicated as shit.  seriously, it should not take that long to get your blog to look the way you want.  but maybe i should be happy something like wordpress exists so i can indulge my anal attitudes on how my meaningless blog should look.

i posted 2 new short stories on my website – click the link below (under CLICK!) to check them out in the Fiction section – one called Animals Attack & the other This Modern Love.  If you’ve ever wondered, who is Feisty & what does she do?  Read This Modern Love….its 3+ years in the making, & named after a bloc party song, though it has nothing to do with bloc party.  Its the most modern love story,  set in times of GPS, the indie elite, & oatmeal toast.

Animals Attack is my version of a Tales from the Crypt episode….read a bit, then close your eyes & imagine it.  That’s what I want you to do with every story. 🙂




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