buy me a becks beer or pass me a bong

its late & i’m tired but i like to torture myself.
ta da! welcome to the new home of feisty’s thoughts.  this won’t be updated too often, but i do like to discuss ideas & update about new posts to the website here.  if you want to hear from me everyday, follow me on facebook!

though i’m a writer (thinker) first & foremost, i’ve been getting into some silly projects lately ever since i realized i had editing software built in to my laptop.  its simple but i take it as a challenge to come up with stuff i can edit (a love i’ve missed from high school).  right now i’m working on a video called ‘fan’ — should be posted on my film page soon.  its not quite finished – still need to film the final part, which features the amazing music man, ryan cacophony. he’s playing drums in it & his instrument is the bass….ya, he’s everywhere.



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